Robert Luis

(Tru Thoughts)

Music from the latest Moonchild album. New Hip Hop form Gang Starr and Rodney P plus classics from A Tribe Called Quest and Wu Tang. Sung vocal tracks from Lynda Dawn and Speelburg. Broken Beats from Jazzanova reworking Harlem Youth Percussion and new Tru Thoughts signing WheelUP. A quality epic track from Brian Owens with strings and important messages on the lyrics. Tempo changing Tropical Synth music from Los Piranas. A track from the Top Boy Soundtrack by Dave. Plus plenty more musical treats.


Unfold with Robert Luis

Sunday 29th September 2019


Moonchild - Wise Women (Tru Thoughts)

J Magik - Mermaids (Mo Wax)

Lynda Dawn – Move (Akashik)

Rosie Lowe - Birdsong (Wolf Tone)

Speelburg - Million Air (Sophmore Slump)

Rapsody - Oprah feat Leikeli47 (Jamla)

Wu Tang Clan - Can It Be All So Simple) (Loud)

A Tribe Called Quest - Award Tour (Jive)

The Unspoken Heard - Jamboree (Instrumental) (7 Heads)

Brian Owens - Cool Water (Justice Rolls Down Like) (Life Arts)

Joe Armon-Jones - (To Know) Where You're Coming From Turn To Clear View (Brownswood)

Dami Sule - You Could Be The One (Alt)

Jazzanova V Har-You Percussion - Welcome To The Party (Ubiquity)

WheelUP - Self Healing Machine (Tru Thoughts)

MLiR & Arnau Obiols - Lajbans (Local Talk)

Me and My Friends - You Read My Mind (Split Shift)

Los Pirañas - Espíritu de los seres humanos (Glitterbeat)

Stormzy - Wiley Flow (Warners)

Dave - Professor X (Ovo)

Gang Starr feat J Cole - Family And Loyalty (In Grooves)

Rodney P - The Next Chapter (Tru Thoughts)

Middle Name Dance Band - Weekend Love Chant (Middle Name)

Leisure – Money (Nettwerk Music Group)




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