Robert Luis

(Tru Thoughts)

New Tru Thoughts music from Bryony Jarmon Pinto. Hip Hop from Lewis Parker, Loyle Carner and Pete Rock. Dancefloor Jazz from Ezra Collective. Big club tunes from Wiley, Madd Again,Terror Danjah, Jamakabi, Mungods Hi Fi & Eva Lazarus. Deep music from DJ nature. Plus plenty more musical treats.


Unfold with Robert Luis

Sunday 19th May 2019


Bryony Jarman-Pinto - Saffron Yellow (Tru Thoughts)

Jazzy Jeff - Bahrain Funk (Beat 1) (Soundcloud)

Lewis Parker - Walk In The Sky (Promo)

Loyle Carner, Rebel Kleff & Kiko Bun - You Don't Know (Universal)

Pete Rock - Take A Knee (Tru Soul)

Maze Mountain - The Powers Of Your Mind (All City)

Quantic - You Used To Love Me feat Denitia (Tru Thoughts)

Meernaa - Wildest Eyes (Oxeyedaisy)

Modaji - Starburst Over Orion (Laws Of Motion)

DJ Nature - Flutter (Future Boogie)

Matthew Herbert - Where's Home? (Accidental)

Ezra Collective - Chris And Jane (Enter The Jungle)

Animanz, feat Juanita Euka - Exotic Other (Tru Thoughts)

Os Muiraquitãns - A Misturada (Analog Africa)

Ebony Rockers - Steppin Out (EMI)

Kaiju - Burn Down Babylon (Deep Medi)

Wiley - Boasty (Nirobi Edit)

Madd Again! - Bawlout (Swing Ting)

Mungo's Hi Fi X Eva Lazarus - Babylon Raid feat Max Romeo (Scotch Bonnet)

Terror Danjah feat Jamakabi - Juicy Patty (Robert Luis Dubplate)

Zha - Mumbai (Naan)





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