Robert Luis

(Tru Thoughts)



Starting with a great (hidden) track from the latest Duval Timothy album. Plus a dancefloor Sonic Switch DJ mix from Robert includes Disco from Sampology, Gospel from Soul Session & Cheryl Lee, Hip Hop from Main Source and Kendrick Lamar, Drum & Bass from Peshay and SoulStructure, Jazz Dance from Ezra Collective and Flytronix, Secret Syence with a percussive dancefloor groove plus a track from new Tru Thoughts signing Animanz.  


Unfold with Robert Luis

Sunday 5th October 2018

6pm-8pm on 1BTM 101.4FM (Brighton) and DAB

Duval Timothy - Return (Carrying Colour)

Everything Is Recorded – The Rhythm Of Life & Death (XL)

DJM Trio - Cranes In The Sky / All Falls Down (Paxio)

Sonic Switch Stand Up DJ Mix by Robert Luis

Secret Syence - Enjoy Your Life (Not Your Likes) (Promo)

Cesaria Evora - Angola (Carl Craig Mix) (Lusafrica)

Sampology – Smile (Middle Name)

DJM Trio - Forget Me Nots (Paxio)

Titeknots - Time Mending Time Again (Press Something Play Something)

Soulful Session & Cheryl Lee - Thankful (Original Retouch) (Tony)

Kon Vs Flaunt Edwards - Planets Of Life (Soundcloud)

Afrobot - Soca Trance (AM Holland)

Animanz - Exotic Other (Tru Thoughts)

Flytronix - Back At Cha (Solaris)

Ezra Collective - Mace Windu Riddim (Enter The Jungle)

Peshay - Jazz Chronicles (De Tuned)

SoulStructure – Buktown (Jazz Sticks)

Anderson Paak - Bubblin feat Busta Rhymes) (Remix) (Aftermath)

Sly5thAve - Still D.R.E (Ed West Remix) (Tru Thoughts)

Kendrick Lamar - 05.28.2013 (Nirobi Edit) (Promo)

Main Source - Fakin The Funk (Remix) (Wild Pitch)

Kat Roberts - Stand Up For What You Want (Unreleased) (Cordial)

End Of Sonic Switch Stand Up DJ Mix by Robert Luis

Roy Merriwether – Nubian Lady (Mr K Edit) (Most Excellent Unlimited)

Carolina Lins & Os Plantos – I Predict A Riot (Tru Thoughts)




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